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Our Equipment

Although everyone agrees that the result is what counts, we are proud of our equipment as well!

We us the best blend of traditional and digital equipment to provide you with the best result for your project. If you would like to visit and take a tour of our shop, just give us a call and we will set a time that’s best for you.

AB Dick 9995
AB Dick 9995Equipment
The ABDick 9995 Series are reliable, true
two-color offset presses equipped with an
array of features that simplify operation
and increase productivity while consistently
delivering high quality
Xerox C75 Digital Color Press
Xerox C75 Digital Color PressEquipment
In an age when business is more challenging every day, versatility is an outstanding tool to have. The Xerox Color C75 Press is big production power in a small footprint, with the flexibility to produce the most demanding print jobs while being simple enough for anyone to walk up and use.
Xerox 700i Digital Color Press
Xerox 700i Digital Color PressEquipment
The Xerox 700i Digital Color Press is the ideal solution to get you started in the digital production printing market with profitable applications such as full color catalogs, photo books, and manuals. It produces sharp color graphics and crisp text at up to 2400×2400 dpi resolution. Customize the solution to fit your business with a choice of 5 color servers and a wide variety of feeding and finishing options.
Xerox DocuColor 242 Digital Color Press
Xerox DocuColor 242 Digital Color PressEquipment
The DocuColor 242/252/260 copier/printers are high performance professional multifunction/light production printers that are best-suited for the graphic arts, pay-for-print, commercial print, and corporate environments. They can copy and print with incredible color control at up to 2400 x 2400 dpi resolution and can also network scan. Numerous finishing and color server options make it customizable to fit your unique business needs.
Xerox D110 Copier/Printer
Xerox D110 Copier/PrinterEquipment
Designed for fast-paced environments of all types – from commercial print shops
and pay-for-print retail outlets to law offices and school districts – the Xerox® D95A/
D110/D125 Copier/Printer excels anywhere speed, image quality and ease-of-use
play key roles in improving efficiency and reducing costs.
Xante DP50 Digital Envelope Press
Xante DP50 Digital Envelope PressEquipment
The Impressia Digital Multi-Media Envelope Printer is the affordable way to go digital and meet the demand for fast full color envelopes, letterhead, cards, forms, brochures, mailers, labels, banners and more. The complete turn-key solutions allows you to print on a wider variety of media and sheet sizes, so you can produce more in-house, and on-demand. Enjoy the simple adjustable guides with the Enterprise High Speed Feed System and quickly load up to 1000 #10 envelopes on-the-go. The system is driven by the included iQueue Prepress Workflow that makes it easy to handle complex digital files, make critical color adjustments, apply screening, imposition and more. The combination of the Impressia Digital Multi-Media Press with the iQueue Prepress Workflow delivers blazing print speeds for your personalized envelopes, higher resolution, and increased production and profits for your business.
Plockmatic Pro30
Plockmatic Pro30Equipment
The Plockmatic Pro30 is designed for copy centers, CRDs, and commercial print environments looking to create booklets with the highest quality look and feel. The system is specifically designed to process a wide range of coated and uncoated media types month after month, year after year.
Challenge Titan 265
Challenge Titan 265Equipment
The Titan 265 TC continues delivering the excellence of innovation and strength we’ve become famous for since 1870. The Titan 265 is based on a solid cast iron and steel construction for maximum durability. Industry-exclusive UHMW gib surfaces, composite bushings, and a one-inch thick solid metal table require virtually zero maintenance for years of trouble-free operation. Our powerful hydraulic clamping and cutting yield up to 26 cuts per minute! Stainless steel table surface and an air table are available options for the Titan 265.
Glue Binding Machine
Glue Binding MachineEquipment
Perfect glue binding machine.
M&R Gauntlet - 6-Color Screen Printing Press
M&R Gauntlet - 6-Color Screen Printing PressEquipment
Pneumatic Pallet Drive – Front Microregistration – Frame Air Locks – 11′ Setup Diameter
Precision Screen Press
Precision Screen PressEquipment
4-Color manual Screen Printing Press.
EconoRed III 30 Infrared Curing System
EconoRed III 30 Infrared Curing SystemEquipment
High production dryer for mid to large sized shops that need outputs of 300* or 600* pcs/hr/chamber. A compact powerhouse with many advanced features such as: digital temperature control, power exhaust and air recirculation. Available in 30″ and 54″ (76 and 137 cm) belt widths.